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How to turn arround the Japanese economy (vol.1)

I visited Roppongi Hills, one of popular business complexes in Japan.
I was working there a few years ago, and it brings me the memories.
I went to a restaurant I used to go for lunch at that time and found it was already closed.
I saw some restaurants and stores are closed.
I also concern some stores in my neighborhood have been closed.

I don’t think this is not all of Japanese economy and some fields are still growing, but I am afraid various aspects are deteriorating and collapsing in Japanese economy.

When architecture collapses, even though the collapse is very small at the beginning, the surroundings cannot support and they collapse, then the outer surroundings collapse and other.
It is a chain reaction.
The closing restaurants and stores remind me the same chain reaction in Japanese economy.
When offices are closed due to the business downsizing, office workers become less. The less demand makes restaurants and stores close. Then their operators have to downsize, and the demand is more reduced.

I don’t want be too pessimistic, and want to consider how we are able to stop it and turn it around.