Have you already had a successor in finance?

The season comes that a finance/accounting personnel transfers.
Some of you have already received your subordinate’s resignation.

Have you already had his/her successor?

In Japan it is allowed to leave with one month notice according to an employment rule.
However, it is not easy to find his/her successor just after you have received his/her resignation.
Your business will stop if you would not have his/her successor.

Yoda Accounting Office provides you a support service to fulfill the vacancy of your resigning subordinates.

The roles we provide are;
1. Interim CFO, interim controller, or interim finance manager
2. Closing month-end or year-end, reporting to the management, the regional office or the head quarter
3. Budgeting and planning, analysis of the management report and forecasting
4. Analyzing the variance between the plan and the actual, management report and audit.
5. Daily transactions, accounting entries and also cash management including daily monitoring as a treasury.
6. other finance/accounting ad-hoc tasks

We will provide you a flexible service with a full-time service or a part-time service.

Please refer thedetails of this service.

Please feel free to contact us through the contact page.

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